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Those Darn Pixie Postal Pranksters!

The postal system offers a precise delivery system coupled with anonymity - the two features combined draw pixie pranksters like magnets! So of course, using philately methods, we can track and uncover some early pixie postal pranksters.

Readers might notice the wallpaper here shows a saucy message implying the gentleman recipient had more than one wife. Malicious pranks aren't typically Sun Pixie style, yet sly phrases and innuendo are. Despite modern authorities rejection of most pranks - the postal system is too sweet a pickins to think they'd a past it by.

Sun Pixies Deltiology

Philately Hobbist

I began my fascination with the postcard as a spin off of my interest in the telegraph system. As a history buff of the American West, the impact the telegraph had on written communication was self evident. Many telegraph stations earned fees based on per word charges. Like modern limiters of 140 character tweets, the telegraph altered the business and formal language of communication for that time. The need to create duplicity within messages arose from the lack of privacy with the message service. As the popularity of sending Postcards rose, another means for passing information openly through a public communication system presented itself to pixie pranksters amid delight and glee - as the Postcard expanded opportunities for jest with brightly colored eye catching images and just enough space to write a cryptic message.

Django Fontina Visual Artist UnSigned

Django Fontina Visual Poet

As my wanderlust led me on various adventures across the US, I began sending postcards to friends - yet for the most part was amiss as to what to say. If mischief was afoot - then words spun like silvered moonlit webs to tangle in a yarn - but what to say to non-prank victims? Wish you were here - but you're not, sorry I'm having a blast & you're not? Anghst over those precious few words grew - until as I began to travel internationally - the need to express an act of friendship & kindness was tempered by - words. So I began to draw rather than write messages & became the Django Fontina of Visual Poetry - sending UnSigned Artist Postcards around the world for over a decade now. Sign up under Django Fontina Visual Artist to be on the list for random postcards of Love & Kindness

Django Fontina Visual Artist UnSigned Postcard

Sun Pixie Postcardese

History & Evolution of Slang

Just as SMS, Tweets & emails have altered the way we communicate, so did Postcards in the late 1800. The use of slang can be traced to early use in postcards. Saucy words and innuendos were gaining mainstream acceptance as moralistic regulations could prevent the delivery of 'offensive' postcards. Postcards that demonstrate the most 'slang' progression are found in British postcards mailed from colonies east of Africa. The brillance of a prank via postcard or even a clever turn of phrase, is that so many people are apt to see and remember it as it passes through their hands on the way to it's postal destination.

Postcard Possibilities for Shaping Social Consciousness

The very nature of Postcards makes them attractive for getting messages out. In the declining age of Junk Mail - the cleverly desgined postcard will get that precious second glance the rest of the junk mail craves, as it sits in file 13.

Sun Pixies Postcard Pranks

Custom Prank Postcards

Currently - Postcards are being set to post from Thailand - giving loads of opportunity for mischievious office pranks and college humorstarting at $8US. You can #SayItSafely with anonymous postcards from Sun Pixies from Dixie. After your payment is confirmed via PayPal, you'll receive an email asking for the message to be sent. You can even upgrade your prank to a greeting card for a bit of shame privacy for your Special Someone.

Notch Up the LOL

Why stop with just one postcard? If the situation warrents, often a series of postcards, letters & small parcels will take the whole prankster experience over the top for a legendary scoop they'll be talking about for years to come. If you have a creative postcard prank in mind - contact me and together we'll get everyone rolling with laughter!

Django Fontina - Visual Poet

Random Messages of Blessings & Love

Fill out the app above to receive totally random Postcards of blessings & love. All postcards are Django Fontina with Visual Poetry sure to captivate and give pause to think as well as embrace the Sun Pixie Love

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Or, if you are very creative and talented with your handwriting, you could try your hand at posting in Thai script.

451 ซอยถ้าหว้า 2 ม.5 ต.บ้านหม้อ   อ.เมืองเพชรบุรี จ.เพชรบุรี76000

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